ICI Londra, lunedì 16 aprile "That Summer in Puglia": Valeria Vescina in conversazione con Rosie Goldsmith

Ingresso libero all'istituto italiano di cultura. Prenota qui.

Fresh from its launch at the Oxford Literary Festival comes this compelling novel set in Southern Italy and London. Author Valeria Vescina discusses her book with award-winning journalist and presenter Rosie Goldsmith; brief introduction by Dr Todd Swift (director, Eyewear Publishing).

Tommaso has escaped discovery for thirty years – but a young private investigator, Will, has tracked him down. Tommaso asks him to pretend never to have found him. To persuade Will, he recounts the story of his life and his great love. In the process, he comes to recognise his true role in the events which unfolded, and the legacy of unresolved grief. Now he’s being presented with a second chance – but is he ready to pay the price? That Summer in Puglia is a tale of loss, self-deceit and the power of love in its many forms. The Southern Italian region of Puglia provides an ideal setting: its layers of history are integral to the story, an excavation of a man’s past.

‘An enchanting slow burn of a novel; a notable debut.’ - Rachel Seiffert

'Very beautiful, surprising and evocative.' - Simonetta Agnello Hornby

‘Finally, here is the discovery through literature of Puglia, with its remarkable synthesis of Mediterranean history and cultures.’ - Edoardo Winspeare

Valeria Vescina was born and brought up in Puglia. She was educated in Switzerland and the UK, and today lives and works in London. She is a writer, a teacher and critic. Her activity as a critic includes literary and opera reviews for the European Literature Network (and its magazine The Riveter), Seen And Heard International and Talking Humanities. She teaches creative writing workshops and holds an MA in Creative & Life Writing from Goldsmiths (University of London), a Sloan MSc in Management (London Business School) and a degree in International Studies (University of Birmingham).

Rosie Goldsmith is an award-winning journalist specializing in arts and current affairs, in the UK and abroad. In 20 years on the BBC staff she travelled the world, covering events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of apartheid in South Africa, presenting flagship BBC programmes Front Row and Crossing Continents. Today she combines broadcasting and arts journalism with presenting and curating cultural events and festivals in Britain and overseas. She is founder of the European Literature Network and is known in the UK as a champion of international literature, translation and language-learning. She is Chair of the Judges for the EBRD International Literature Prize.

Data: Lun 16 Aprile 2018

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