lunedì 28 maggio 2018

Sotto una Buona Stella, lo Chef Antonella Ricci al Buca Osteria & Bar in Yorkville il 29 maggio

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On Tuesday, May 29 , experience the unique exceptional cuisine of Michelin-starred Chef Antonella Ricci of Al fornello da Ricci in Puglia, a celebrated family-run restaurant open for 52 years. Chef Antonella will join us in Yorkville and collaborate with Chef Rob Gentile on a menu of extraordinary technique.
Born of a long line of cooks in Ceglie Messapica in Salento, Chef Antonella began to help in the kitchen for the first time at the age of eight. True Italian cuisine and its excellence is her passion. With this style of cooking, she has created an attractive mosaic composed of a "collection" of ingredients, recipes, traditions and techniques from the country's 20 regions.

Al fornello da Ricci began with Antonella's mother Dora at the culinary helm, receiving its first Michelin star in 1992. Staying true to her family's legacy, Antonella joined her mother as chef and today she runs the kitchen with her husband and business partner, Chef Vinod Sookar. Known as the Romeo & Juliet of Italian cuisine, Antonella and Vinod maintain the restaurant's Michelin-star status, held for over 30 years.

Data: Mar 29 Mag 2018

Orario: Alle 18:30

Organizzato da : Consulate General of Italy in Toronto; Istituto Italiano di Cultura; Italian Trade Commission

In collaborazione con : The King Street Food Company, George Brown College, Centre for Hospitality & Culinary Arts

Ingresso : Libero

Luogo:Buca Osteria & Bar in Yorkville - 53 Scollard Street (Front entrance is via Yorkville Avenue through the Four Seasons Courtyard)