mercoledì 29 agosto 2018

Bridewell Theatre, dal 3 all'8 settembre a Londra "Faust, Alberta" di Simone Spagnolo

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The operatic spectacle Faust, Alberta explores the tragic story of Doctor Faustus and his fatal deal with Mephistopheles from a contemporary angle. A Nameless Man finds himself in a remote cabin surrounded by frozen snowfields. He doesn't know who he is nor where he is from, only that something is after him - an unstoppable machine that hunts those who fell from grace. In nine scenes, he tries to collect his memory. Triggered by snippets from his past, he slowly starts to put the pieces together. 
The mono-opera by award-winning composer Simone Spagnolo is scored for one singer and four instruments, and will be performed by benjamin Bevan, whose engagements include Henry Cuffe in Britten’s Gloriana and Der Sprecher in Zauberflöte (Royal Opera House), Lescaut in Boulevard Solitude by Henze (Royal Danish Opera and Welsh National Opera), and work with BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, among many others.

Commissioned by Opera in the City Festival 2018, the world premiere will take place on 3rd September 2018.​​​

Stage director: Pamela Schermann
Musical director: Simone Spagnolo
Set and costume designer: Cindy Lin
Lighting designer: Petr Vocka
Cast: Benjamin Bevan, baritone

Data: Da Lun 3 Set 2018 a Sab 8 Set 2018

Orario: Alle 19:30

Organizzato da : Time Zone Theatre - Bridewell Theatre

In collaborazione con : Italian Cultural Institute

Ingresso : A pagamento

Luogo:Bridewell Theatre, Fleet Street